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Meet Bob Beauprez

Farmer, community banker, Member of Congress, and buffalo rancher.

Bob Beauprez is running for governor to get Colorado back on track.

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3rd Generation Dairy Farmer

For 42 years, Bob worked alongside his dad on their third generation dairy farm. Bob learned family values and hard work from the best teacher - his dad, Joe.

Saving the Hometown Bank

Nothing says "the 90s" like Bob's glasses in this ad!

Following his dairy career, Bob and his wife, Claudia, purchased and managed a community bank growing assets from $4 to over $400 million, employees from 7 to 150, and branches from 1 to 13 in 12 years.

Landslide Bob

After being active in local grassroots politics for more than thirty years, including serving as the Boulder County and State Party Chairman, Bob was elected to Congress by 121 votes in 2002. During his four years in Washington, he never spent more than a week in DC at one time, always wanting to be back in Colorado with the people who meant the most.

Eagles Wing Ranch

Now a published author, editor-in-chief of a national public policy website, and a frequent guest on several national radio shows, Bob spends most of his time on the buffalo breeding ranch in northwest Colorado where he works with his son, Jim, and wife of 43 years, Claudia.

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