John Hickenlooper’s at it again…

As 9News reported this morning, a new video from Revealing Politics shows Denver governor John Hickenlooper explaining why he opposed a bill, bluntly stating it was because of pressure from donors.

In the video, Hickenlooper says: “within my group of people, they were in a tizzy… Part of who called in to some of my senior staff where these large donors… they are out there busting their butts trying to call people and raise money, and they think signing something like that would have been, I’m not defending, I’m just saying, we got calls from very successful businesspeople saying ‘don’t you go near signing something like that” in an election year…”

These remarks tell us three things about John Hickenlooper:

1) His failed leadership means “large donors” have incredible influence.
We’ve seen how Michael Bloomberg, Jared Polis, or now unknown numbers of “large donors” can have incredible influence in what John Hickenlooper thinks. Anyone with deep pockets can be a surrogate governor for John Hickenlooper.

2) John Hickenlooper will go to any lengths, no matter the consequences, to avoid political fallout.
Just this week, in coordination with national Democrats, he engineered a backroom deal to avoid political fallout from two anti-job/ anti-energy ballot measures. In April, he told our sheriffs that “large donors” recommended he avoid discussing pay raises for elected officials, including our county’s sheriffs, because it could be complicated politically.

3) John Hickenlooper hates transparency.
Time and time again, John Hickenlooper lives out his mantra that “transparency creates problems” and fights the public’s right to resolve issues. Only those with special access have a voice in John Hickenlooper’s decision making. This means the average Coloradan is left out in the cold.

We all remember how John Hickenlooper lied to Colorado’s sheriffs last spring, claiming he had not talked with New York mayor Michael Bloomberg before signing special-interest driven gun legislation when phone records showed several phone calls between the two.

This latest episode just continues a disturbing trend with how John Hickenlooper operates:

“Large donors” have great influence.

Colorado’s working families are left in the dark.

In contrast, Bob Beauprez believes in Colorado families and wants to empower our entrepreneurial spirit. Volunteer today to help elect a governor who will bring real leadership, real opportunity, and real transparency to Colorado.