Today the Colorado Democratic Party, on behalf of John Hickenlooper, launched one of the most absurd and misleading ads to show up in this election.

In it, they politicize floods that hit Colorado communities in September 2013. The ad starts by showing devastation of the flood, then inserts a short snippet of audio from a radio interview with Bob.

Apparently the ad, by having both footage of the flood as well as a grainy, distorted audio clip of Bob, is meant to imply that Bob was somehow responsible for the floods, or uncaring about the flood victims, or… well, we’re not really sure.

9News political reporter Brandon Rittiman wasn’t sure either. As he wrote: “While it’s true that flood response was still ongoing when Beauprez agreed to discuss the government shutdown on the conservative radio program, the quote’s context is altered in the ad presented by Democrats.

“Beauprez wasn’t praising the shutdown directly, but rather his party’s goals in the talks and their efforts to negotiate an end to it.”

Watch Brandon Rittiman’s Truth Test segment debunking this attack from John Hickenlooper’s surrogates, then help us fight this appalling attack by making a contribution today.