Today the Colorado Springs Gazette editorial catalogues many of John Hickenlooper’s recent statements demonstrating the extreme indecision that has paralyzed the governor, resulting in extreme uncertainty for Coloradans.

From the editorial:

“Likability goes far in politics, but it can’t overcome substantial and growing leadership concerns. These are troubled times and we need politicians who stand with conviction. The latest question of Hickenlooper’s leadership involves the Keystone XL Pipeline…”

The editorial goes on to discuss not only the governor’s comments this week on the Keystone pipeline — which contradict statements he made just last year — but also several other concerning incidents. The list includes:

1. On the Keystone XL pipeline, this week Hickenlooper said, “I’ve avoided taking a position because it’s just going to piss off a lot of people in Washington that I don’t need to piss off.

2. On no pay raises for Colorado sheriffs, Hickenlooper admitted it was a political decision saying, “Part of who called in to some of my senior staff were these large donors… they are out there busting their butts trying to call people and raise money, and, we got calls from very successful businesspeople saying ‘don’t you go near signing something like that” in an election year…

3. Hickenlooper also told the sheriffs — with whom he refused to meet before signing some of the toughest gun restrictions in the country in 2013 — that he had not talked to Michael Bloomberg, when phone records clearly showed they had talked.

4. Finally, in light of these moments, the editorial discusses the tragic situation of Nathan Dunlap. While families of Dunlap’s victims have waited decades for justice, John Hickenlooper signed a “temporary reprieve” — neither allowing the murderer’s sentence to proceed nor providing the finality of having his sentence commuted.

Read the full editorial here.

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