9News debunks "appalling" ad from Hickenlooper’s allies

Today the Colorado Democratic Party, on behalf of John Hickenlooper, launched one of the most absurd and misleading ads to show up in this election. In it, they politicize floods that hit Colorado communities in September 2013. The ad starts by showing devastation of the flood, then inserts a short snippet of audio from a [...]

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There are worse things than ‘pissing off’ people in Washington

Today Bob Beauprez reiterated his commitment to energy independence and job creation, calling on his opponent to clarify statements that indicate Barack Obama might have withheld federal aid in the wake of devastating Colorado floods had Hickenlooper taken a position on the Keystone pipeline counter to Obama's wishes. As John Hickenlooper told Fox 31's Eli [...]

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Hickenlooper Continues Non-Decision on Nathan Dunlap

Denver, Colo. -- Today candidate for governor Bob Beauprez responded to comments made by John Hickenlooper to Fox 31's Eli Stokols where Hickenlooper stated he is against the death penalty, but offered no further resolution to the families of Nathan Dunlap's victims. "The issue of capital punishment is a difficult one that we wrestle with as [...]

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Governor’s behavior raises concerns about leadership

Today the Colorado Springs Gazette editorial catalogues many of John Hickenlooper’s recent statements demonstrating the extreme indecision that has paralyzed the governor, resulting in extreme uncertainty for Coloradans. From the editorial: "Likability goes far in politics, but it can't overcome substantial and growing leadership concerns. These are troubled times and we need politicians who stand [...]

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Breaking: Hickenlooper Driven By Pressure from “Large Donors”

John Hickenlooper's at it again... As 9News reported this morning, a new video from Revealing Politics shows Denver governor John Hickenlooper explaining why he opposed a bill, bluntly stating it was because of pressure from donors. In the video, Hickenlooper says: "within my group of people, they were in a tizzy… Part of who called [...]

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