Thank you

Friends,Bob BeauprezThis is a different message to share with you than we had hoped. We have been watching the results as votes continue to be counted and unfortunately at this point, even with a handful of counties still reporting, there just aren’t enough options to get us across the finish line.

I just spoke with Governor Hickenlooper. We had a good conversation and I congratulated him on a hard fought race.

There are so many people who worked so hard, and words can’t express our gratitude. Especially those of you around the state who knocked on doors, made phone calls, chipped in to contribute, and gave us your time and talent believing with us that together we could build a Stronger Colorado.

As Coloradans, we are the heirs of the frontier spirit. The spirit of miners and trappers, sodbusters and homesteaders – brave men and women who planted their roots in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains where they gazed in awe across the most inspirational landscapes at the best of America the Beautiful.

They came here not for a life of ease, but to pursue a dream. To fulfill a yearning belief that there is a better life waiting ahead, and that if we work hard, and we persevere, we can achieve that dream.

That frontier spirit which drew the pioneers here in the past gives us the courage we need to pursue the opportunities of the future.

Colorado can still be that shining city on a hill – a beacon to the nation, a light to the world.


Because this is Colorado. And where on earth would you rather be?




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